What is the Full Time Training in Anaheim (FTTA) Like?

To have a better idea of what the Full-Time Training in Anaheim (FTTA) is like, here is a personal testimony from a Christian explaining their experience in the first week of the Full-Time Training in Anaheim (FTTA).

Each day of [this] week was filled with six different classes, so basically I have a ton of enjoyment from last week alone. But one point that stood out quite strongly was something I’ve never heard before:

When we think about life, we can boil it down to: the plant life, animal life, and human life. But there’s one more life: the divine life of God. The plant life is for the animal life. The plant life and animal life is for the human life. But, what is the human life for?

The human life is for the divine life, and the divine life is for the human life. God desires that His divine life and our human life be mingled together. This divine life in God Himself is perfect. So it doesn’t need any growth – like our human life does. BUT, when the divine life is mingled with the human life, then this mingled life needs to grow. 

…What is the best way for this mingled life within us to grow? Through restrictions and regulations. Life grows by regulation.
An example of this is that when trees grow, often they are bound and have poles stuck to them (restricted and regulated) in order that they might grow up straight and not sideways, crooked, leaning over, etc.I thought originally [I was here for] just learning the truth and knowledge about the Bible, but that’s not all of it. I’m also here to be regulated and restricted so that I can grow in life. If there’s no growth, there’s no maturity. If there’s no maturity, there’s no ability to function.So I’m praying the Lord would continue working in me, being the inward regulator so that the divine life within will grow.

– R.C.

For more information about the Full-Time Training in Anaheim (FTTA), visit their website: ftta.org

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