Experience with Christian Students on Campus and the Local Churches

The following is a testimony from Keri in Los Angeles regarding her experience with Christian Students on Campus and the Local Churches:

I just want to share a little bit of my thoughts and experience. I grew up in an alliance church; but most of my friends and I, and even the ones who shepherded us, give no emphasis on what the denomination means–our center has always been Christ. As I later moved to different places, I went to different churches; some bear a denomination name, some don’t. But these do not matter as these names are men-made; the true vine, the true foundation has always been Christ.

After I came to L.A., I met the Christian Students on campus. At first there may be something that I am not familiar with, like the practice of calling on the name of the Lord… but this is just a difference in terms of practice, and I believe that Lee and Nee’s teaching are faithful witnesses to the Lord; they are from the spirit of God! (1 John 1:2), so it is sad when other Christians calling these teachers false prophets simply because their practice may seem different from others’. Since before meeting Christian Students I have been in another church with my sister, I join the brothers and sisters in Bible study and Friday fellowship only, but I must testify that every single Bible study and meeting with the local churches have been so rich and precious in many ways. and nothing contradicts to the teaching or experiences I have had before. Everything is done for and in the Lord! I just appreciate so much their sincere love and heart for the kingdom of God!!

I believe the Lord does not want any of us to be like Diotrephes…we follow Christ our Lord, but not men as our leader, and we should welcome and love all who love the Lord and become one body!! We all bear the same spirit and have the same vine, same bread, same foundation…Our God wants one church that has its foundation as Christ in which the gates of Hade will not overcome!

For more, please see an-open-letter.org


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