Recovery Version: An Overview of the Gospel of John

books__1_What is the Deep Thought of the Gospel of John?

Today in my Bible reading, I enjoyed a footnote from the Holy Bible Recovery     Version on the deep thought of John’s Gospel. It basically provides an overview of the Gospel of John, which will prove very helpful as I continue in my Bible reading throughout John.

The deep thought of the Gospel of John is that Christ, the incarnate God, came as the embodiment of God, as illustrated by the tabernacle (v.14) and the temple (2:21), so that man could contact Him and enter into Him to enjoy the riches contained in God. Both the tabernacle and the temple had an outer court, a Holy Place, and a Holy of Holies. Therefore, John points out first that Christ was the Lamb (who took away sin – v.29) offered on the altar, which signifies the cross, in the outer court of the tabernacle, and then that He was like the bronze serpent (which caused man to have life) lifted up on the pole (3:14), which signifies the cross. This shows how Christ in His redemption was received by His believers that they might be delivered from sin and obtain life and might enter into Him as the embodiment of God, typified by the tabernacle, to enjoy all the riches that are in God.

Wow, that’s awesome! But, the footnote in the Recovery Version continues:

The foot-washing in ch. 13 may be considered the washing in the laver in the outer court of the tabernacle, which washed away the earthly defilement of those who drew near to God, so that their fellowship with God and with one another could be maintained. In ch. 14 those who receive Christ are brought by Him into the Holy Place to experience Him as the bread of life (6:35), signified by the showbread, and as the light of life (8:12; 9:5), signified by the lampstand.

That makes the Old Testament make more sense and more applicable to our Christian life today. The Recovery Version goes on to talk about the significance of John 17, a deep and profound chapter that I would like to understand better:

Eventually, in ch. 17, through the highest and most mysterious prayer, which is typified by the burning incense on the golden incense altar, those who enjoy Christ as life and as light are brought by Him into the Holy of Holies to enter with Him into the deepest enjoyment of God and to enjoy the glory that God has given Him (17:22-24).

God is enterable!

He became flesh and tabernacled among us (John 1:14). After He became the Life-giving Spirit in resurrection, He became enterable! (1 Cor. 15:45) We can enter into God everyday. Thank You, Triune God.


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